We Buy Houses Sacramento: How To Get Your Home Off The Market

we buy houses in SacramentoSacramento home values have been on the rise over the last few years. The city is thriving, and there are plenty of people that are looking to buy property in the area.

Unfortunately, buyers in the area tend to be picky. If your house is in bad condition, it may linger on the market.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this problem. We buy houses Sacramento, and even if your home is in bad shape, you can sell your property to Pineapple City Solutions.

We Purchase All Kinds Of Homes

Buyers may be looking for properties that are turn-key ready but at Pineapple City Solutions, we’re more than willing to purchase homes that need some work.

Even if your house is ugly or in need of repairs, we’d be happy to make you an offer.

While we don’t purchase every home that we look at, we do buy homes that have a number of issues.

If we look at your house, and we see that it meets our buying criteria, we’ll present you with an offer within 24 hours.

Sell Your Home Quickly

The longer your house sits on the market, the more money you’ll lose.

If you’re making mortgage payments on two homes, or if you can no longer afford the payments on your home,

you’ll want to get your house off the market as soon as possible.

You may not have time to wait for a buyer, and you might not be able to afford the renovations and repair work that will make your house saleable.

Thankfully, if you work with Pineapple City Solutions, you’ll be able to get your Sacramento house off the market in record time.

We Always Pay In Cash

If we decide to put in an offer on your home, we’ll be paying in cash. There are a lot of advantages to cash offers.

Because there’s no need to secure funding, we’ll be able to close on your home quickly. It’s likely that your closing will complete and you’ll have your money in hand within 30 days.

A lot of people that need to sell their home quickly are in bad financial situations. If you’re in this position, selling to us will allow you to secure the funds that you need in no time.

In addition to paying costs, we can cover closing costs and additional expenses so that this process will be easier for you.

You’re Under No Obligation To Accept Our Offer

Even if we schedule an appointment with you and make an offer on your home, you aren’t under any obligation to accept our offer.

You’ll be able to look over our offer and decide how you want to proceed. If you decide that you’d prefer to keep your home on the market, you’re free to do that.

Since there are no obligations, there are no risks in talking to us.

We buy houses Sacramento, and we can help you get your home on the market. You shouldn’t have to wait for months to find a buyer for your home.

If you work with Pineapple City Solutions, you’ll be able to sell your home now so that you can move on with your life.

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